Johnny Test Pornography Story: Never A Sissy Chapter Four

Johnny Test Pornography Story: Never A Sissy Chapter Four

4: Sissys Tactics

was finally Sissy Bladelys turn to up the ante against a certain
Johnny Test who had changed himself into a large Giganosaurous
dinosaur who was charging right directly toward her. Johnny
immediately used the teeth of the large lizard dinosaur to grab the
sheet of metal Sissy was using as a shield and began to chew it up,
and threw it to the side.

now for you, I guess youll always remain a sissy, Sissy!
laughed Johnny as he roared right at her.

to see if these invisibility powers really work said Sissy to

Johnnys jaws came right down at Sissy, she moved quickly to which
Johnny noticed that she was missing, along with even Missy.

what the heck happened to Sissy and Missy? asked Dukey as he began
to notice that the two were gone.

what Dukey didnt know was that Missy was right behind him, she
immediately leaped right from behind, and began to fight with poor

see this one coming! cried Dukey as he was trying to regain
control of the fight against Missy.

thats got to hurt said Mr. White who was observing the battle
through a small window in the bunker.

with the fight between Johnny and Sissy, Johnny was still a
Giganosaurous patrolling the war games area in which of Sissy. Sissy, however was well invisible from Johnny, as she was behind some
large scrap metal left over from a past war games the General held
long ago during his career.

this might come in handy said Sissy as she made an evil grin.

then used her super strength and grabbed the large scrap metal from
the ground.

Test, if you are such good at dodge ball, why not dodge something
like this! cried Sissy.

I did not see this coming said Johnny as he noticed the large
piece of scrap metal coming straight toward him.

scrap metal made a direct hit at the flaming-headed Giganosaurous,
but Johnny still managed to retain his ground. Sissy while still
invisible flew right toward Johnny and gave him several good punches.

now that has to hurt said the General who was observing the entire
scene from the bunker.

then came crashing right down, right in the path of where Dukey was
located as he finally managed to receive Missys location by
brushing up some dirt.

I finally see where you are! laughed Dukey to which he then
noticed a large shadow right over him which he then turned around
with quite a shocking look on his face, and I certainly did not
see this coming at all.

before Johnny still in the dinosaur he had changed into was about to
crash into Dukey, he changed back into his normal human self and
simply landed on his dog.

at least this is better than that big dinosaur you were said

on, I have had just about enough with Sissy said Johnny.

it Test said Sissy as she became visible, why dont you make
things easier on yourself and just give up?

Johnny X never surrenders! cried Johnny in a defiant mood.

dont blame me when I make you go home crying to your mommy!
laughed Sissy.

Johnny we have to think of the upgrades Mary gave us so that we can
use to defeat Sissy and Missy said Dukey.

a brilliant plan my canine sidekick replied Johnny.

then prepared what seemed like a fireball forming in his hands.

now I would like to give you Johnny Xs newest powers! cried
Johnny as he was created a large fireball aiming right directly at

that I didnt see coming said Sissy.

then fires the large fireball heading straight toward Sissy. Sissy
immediately then begins to use her invisibility powers but instead of
making herself invisible she happens to create some sort of a strange
shield around herself to which the entire fireball didnt seem to
touch her at all.

I also forgot to mention to you said Bling-Bling Boy as he lowered
his hovercraft toward Sissy, your invisibility powers could also
create shields and also some other special techniques Im not
entirely 100 percent sure about it, ha, looks like I will get that
date after all Susan.

on your life Eugene! cried Susan who was still quite tied up.

the better for which I can kick Tests behind! laughed Sissy.

then began to create what seemed like some sort of a strange energy
ball with her invisibility powers, and began to throw it at Johnny
and Dukey. Missy, likewise then began to copy what her master was

is insane, were never going to get out of here, maybe we should
just let Bling-Bling Boy win this just one round I mean we can always
win the war eventually said Dukey.

way, there are two people on this planet Ill never surrender to,
that evil genius obsessed with my sister Susan, and Sissy Bladely!
cried Johnny.

thats the way you want it, fire at will Missy! cried Sissy.

and Missy then fired their two large energy balls right directly at
Johnny and Dukey. Johnny then once again, flared up his flaming
powers which he often used his behind to do and instead, created his
very own fire shield which shield him and Dukey from the two energy
balls. The energy balls simply vanished as the two balls touched the
fire shield.

looks like I still got it! laughed Johnny.

like Im going to have to go underground and do it said Sissy.

then with using her fist punched a hole into the Earth and like an
mole digging through toward its destination, Sissy was heading right
under the fire shield. She then grabbed poor Johnnys leg, which
lifted his fire shield.

Test said Sissy as she brushed off the dirt from herself, Im
going to make sure this town will big enough for only one hero and
also you have to admit that you are the, sissy.

cried Johnny in a defiant mood.

it seems like youll make a great fetch toy for your dog! cried

then began to swing poor Johnny around, and around, and around which
made Johnny quite dizzy. She then threw him right directly into the

see if your dog is fast enough to prevent another variant of my
invisibility powers can do, is trapping you in an energy sphere!
laughed Sissy.

I just didnt see that coming! cried Dukey as he chased after
his master.

then fired the large energy ball big enough to trap Johnny in a
energy sphere. Dukey, with the improvements Mary gave him back in
the lab, also gave Dukey the ability to go faster than he originally
did. He then eventually managed to grab Johnnys cape, right
before the energy ball could trap him in an energy sphere. Yet all
that energy ball did is went off right into space where it

I was so close! cried Sissy.

back in there and finish him off! cried Bling-Bling Boy.

yeah Im on it replied Sissy.

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