Johnny Test Pornography Story: Lil’ Sisters – Chapter 1

Johnny Test Pornography Story: Lil’ Sisters – Chapter 1


Sissy: THEY DONT CARE AS LONG AS THEY GET THE STORY! (says with a mocking tone)

Me: Youre despicable. (glares at her)

Johnny: Yea, and unlikable!

Me and Sissy: (look at Johnny weirdly) Thats the same thing.

Dukey: (jumps out of nowhere) I dont know why you two botherPokeshippersShadow1 doesnt own Johnny Test. Start the story!

Everyone but Dukey: (stares at Dukey confused) Where did you come from?!


Chapter 1: The New Invention.


Inside the house of the Test family, there was activity in a laboratory. Two twin geniuses Susan and Mary were at work on a device. The twins looked almost identical though there were slight differences. Susan and Mary both had the same figure. They both had red hair, but Susans was straight while Mary curly and with a moon shaped barrette. Susan had blue eyes while Mary had green. Susan wore a black skirt, shirt, depicting a star, lab coat, while Mary wore shirt baggy blue jeans and sneakers with her trademark moon-shirt and lab coat. They both wore glasses, though Susans were square shaped, while Marys were crescent shaped.

OK, that should be about Mary said as she screwed a final circuit inside the circuit-board.

Perfect. Susan replied cheerfully, as she closed the lid to the inner workings. Susan and Mary took a step back to admire their newest and probably greatest invention. It looked like a platform, with a gun (that looked like something from an alien film) hooked on top of it. Susan looked at Mary. This ray will make our skin glow so beautiful and brightly, that Gil wont be able to resist us. Susan told her sister excitedly.

And Gil wont be able to resist us! Mary repeated with equal excitement. Both girls sighed dreamingly and slouched slightly with their hands pressed together in front of them.

Gil. They both trailed off dazedly. After nearly a minute, they snapped out of it, turning very serious. Susan looked at Mary again.

We will test it out on Johnny before we use it. She told Mary. Mary nodded at her sisters idea.

Besides who knows what this will do. She added with a shrug. Susan smiled evilly. Mary picked up the device and while she did, Susan opened her mouth and lifted her hands to cup her mouth to yell for Johnny. However when she lifted her hands, she hit Marys hands who let go of the machine by accident. This caused it to fall to the floor with a crash.

Oh man! Susan whined in frustration.

Look what you made me do! Mary exclaimed in anger, her green eyes narrowed behind her glasses.

It was an accident! Susan countered defensively, crossing her arms. I didnt realize you were so close to me. Suddenly a purple energy field surrounded the device; Susan and Mary stopped and looked down at it.

What is it Mary started to say when SUDDENLY the purple energy field expanded outwards, engulfing them.

AAAAHHH!!! Both girls screamed in terror, feeling something happening to them.


Inside the house of the Test family, all was quiet, except for the family room. Johnny was preteen; short with blue eyes and spiky blond with red highlights. Currently, he was playing a video game. Next him, was Dukey; tall lean dog with brown fur, and an enhanced intelligences.

Almost there. Johnny shouted desperately, pushing the buttons on his game furiously. It was a three dimensional game, the game video character went jumped over a striking snake and onto a tree branch.

Go to the left! Dukey shouted while pointing at the screen. Johnny jerked to the left while still holding the joystick. Johnny face leaned closer to the screen. SUDDENLY the screen went black. Johnny froze in horror.

N-O-O-O-O!!! He screamed in frustration and horror, dropping his game-boy. Dukey snatched the game out of Johnny hands and looked at the toy worriedly. He opened the back and took out the batteries.

The batteries died! He replied in disgust and threw them out furiously. Johnny ran to one of the kitchen draws and looked through it frantically.

Johnny need batteries..Must win game. He said zombie like voice. He found no batteries in the draw.

We ran out yesterday, Remember Johnny, Dukey said frankly. We have been playing this game for two days straight. This is the fifth time we needed batteries. Johnny ignored him and kept looking. Dukey shook his head and went back into the family room. He then sat down on the couch. I wonder whats on. He mused thoughtfully as he picked up a remote and began to flip through the channels.

We cant be out! Johnny whined pathetically, finding no batteries in any of the draws. Sulking, he went back to the family room and sat down next to Dukey with his arms crossed, a pout on his face. Dukey kept flipping channels, still trying to find an interesting show. Suddenly Johnnys face then lit up. Maybe Susan and Mary have some. He thought excitedly and out loud. Dukey stopped flipping channels and looked at his young master.

I dont Before Dukey could finish his protest, Johnny grabbed his arm and began to run to the lab.

To the lab! He shouted eagerly.

Ow, Dukey said painfully as Johnny pulled his foreleg. You have to be so rough with me? He asked irritably. Johnny reached the door to the lab. Letting go of Dukeys foreleg, he kicked the door to the lab open.

Susan, Mary.! He shouted but trailed off. Johnny and Dukey looked at the lab in stun. The lab was full of clouds of smoke. Susan.Mary! He stepped forward and squinted as the smoke began to disappear. There was no answer. The smoke started to clear and thats when Dukey and Johnnys eyes widened at what they saw.

OK, Im going to freak out now Dukey commented and then screamed, pulling his ears, his eyes wide with shock.

Whoa..Didnt see that coming. Johnnys blue eyes also wide in shock.

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